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Leather Sofa Care

We have put together some useful tips to keep your leather sofa looking at its best and advice on how to remove stains from your leather sofa.

  • Use a damp cloth to remove stains
    Most stains can be removed from leather sofas by wiping with a damp cloth, but don’t use too much water as this can itself stain.
  • Use a little mild soap solution for oily stains
    Add some mild soap to water and clean the area being careful not to soak the leather. Then wipe the area with a clean damp cloth and leave to dry for a few days. Greasy stains can also sometimes be removed by leaving talc on the area (don’t rub in) for several hours and then wiping away.
  • Always allow to dry naturally
    If water is spilt or you have cleaned your leather sofa with water, always allow it to dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or move your sofa next to a radiator.
  • Do not use any household cleaning products
    These can build up on and leave your leather sofa feeling sticky.
  • Remove water marks with dry clean cloth
    If there are water marks on your leather sofa after it has had water spilt on it or too much water has been used to clean it, wait a few days for it to dry fully and then carefuly buff the area with a dry clean cloth.
  • Avoid direct sunlight
    Direct sunlight can cause the leather to fade.
  • Clean your leather sofa regularlyYou should remove general dust and dirt from your sofa by wiping with a clean dry cloth once a week. Use a damp cloth every month or so using small circular motions, taking care not to use too much water.
  • Keep away from heat sources
    Don’t place your sofa too close to heat sources such as radiators as this will dry out the leather.
  • Don’t try to clean severe stains at home
    If your sofa is severely stained it should be professionally cleaned as trying yourself may worsen it and make it more difficult to repair.